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Six women founded the Vancouver Women’s Foundation in the year 2000 to provide funding for women in need in Clark County, Washington. The membership has since grown to over fifty women.

The purpose of the Foundation is to help women in our community who have immediate and acute needs that are preventing them from attaining self-sufficiency and living lives of dignity. We help these women by giving financial assistance.

The foundation is built on the belief that there are countless caring women who have the means to help other women who for reasons often beyond their control find themselves in need of support. We believe that through this act of philanthropy both the giver and the receiver are empowered. By pooling our resources we have the ability to initiate change and make a powerful impact in the lives of women in Clark County.

The Foundation has provided financial assistance to over one thousand women.

The Vancouver Women’s Foundation exists as a nonprofit under the 501(c)3 umbrella of the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington.

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